Tuapeka Honey

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Tuapeka Honey was established in 2018 by local community members, Dana and Megan Young.

Our honey is sourced from the South Otago Region with Dana undertaking the main beekeeping duties. Our beehive numbers are kept low so they receive the attention they deserve. We remove only the surplus honey, ensuring our bees have sufficient honey stores to carry them through the winter and spring until the main nectar flows in the summer. This practice eliminates the need to feed with sugar, and is reflected in the health and strength of our bees.

Good old fashioned New Zealand pure honey is guaranteed as we keep our processing as natural as possible. The natural flavours and aromas occur through our unique processing which ensures the honey is not over-mixed or over-heated. Current varieties include Clover, Kamahi, Manuka Blend, Kanuka, Rata and Honeycomb. Our Honey is available at The Lawrence Mint, The Highland Pharmacy, or of course you can purchase directly through our website.