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Tours of Lawrence and the surrounding areas are hosted by our local guides, Barbara Kerr and Dr Stephen Roe.

Take an historic guided tour back through time of the Lawrence town centre and the surrounding areas, with facts provided by our host to inspire your imagination and minds-eye to see what Victorian style Lawrence was like during the gold rush and the decades after. Feel the sense of nostalgia for those bygone days. Learn how Lawrence was the centre of the Tuapeka gold rush, and how the vast quantity of gold mined in this district was the well-spring of Dunedin. Learn about the colourful characters and Patriarchs that built the town and whose families gave the spirit of ingenuity and Victorian inventiveness to its growth. Where new buildings now stand, or empty plots of land stand idle, use your imagination to see what the guide explains was there in the years between 1860 and 1900

We offer visiting coach tours an opportunity to enjoy the sites of Lawrence with a dedicated tour guide (Barbara), who will join your coach by prior arrangement. Sit in the comfort of your coach while the guide directs you around historic places of Lawrence, providing detail to inspire your imagination. What was it like back in the Victorian era in this old gold rush town? Guided tours take in places of interest within Lawrence township, and include locations such as Chinese Camp, Lawrence Cemetery, and Gabriel’s Gully Historic Reserve, but can also be bespoke to your needs, to also take in Weatherston’s Brewery Site and daffodils (during daffodil season). Stephen joins the tour at various locations. All coach tours are offered year-round, by appointment only, to fit in with the requirements and itinerary of the coach tour manager/driver.

About us

Barbara and Stephen were inspired by the history of Lawrence some 17 years ago, when they bought one of its historic villas. Since that time, they have continued to research and gain knowledge on this historic town, culminating with Stephen publishing his first edition of “Tuapeka, a walk through Time” in 2018. He has just completed his second book (soon to be published), which will take in all areas with Tuapeka and Tokomairiro districts, including Beaumont, Waitahuna, Milton and farming families.


Coach guiding charges - $90 per hour to suit your timetable.

Meeting points

Coach meeting point by prior arrangement.

Contact us

03 4859989 or 0274088892 (Barbara)

'On-Coach' Guided Historic Tours - 2024

027 4088892

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