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Housed in an Historic Places listed building, you will find The Lawrence Athenaeum & Mining Institute Reference Library.

This Institute was established in 1865 for “the betterment of miners”, and now houses an extensive library concentrating on the history of Lawrence, the surrounding districts and the history of the goldfields.

It is a valuable research library for anyone tracing family histories or with an interest in the history of the Tuapeka area.

Opening Hours:
Monday      10am to 4pm
Tuesday      CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday    10am to 4pm
Friday         10am to 4pm
Saturday     10am to 3pm (Closed occasionally)
Sunday       10am to 3pm 

For information please contact one of our office bearers:
Mr Roger Cotton (Chairman), 03 485 9049
Mrs Rowena Paterson (Secretary), 03 485 9106
Ms Kelley Gray (Treasurer), 03 485 9685
Ms Lindy Chinnery (Librarian), 03 485 9095 

The Lawrence Athenaeum Institute Scholarship:
This scholarship is open to people of all ages for anyone who has strong connections to the Tuapeka area in the Tuapeka District. The scholarship must be used for educational purposes and fit the criteria set out in The Athenaeum Ordinances, which can be viewed at:

Download scholarship form at the link on this page. Applications can be emailed to For any further information please contact any of the above office bearers.

Lawrence Athenaeum

9 Ross Place, Lawrence 9532

03 485 9095

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