Tuapeka-Lawrence Community Company

c/- Info Centre, 17 Ross Place



The Tuapeka Lawrence Community Company has played an important role in developing the area as a great destination to visit. Run by local volunteers, various initiatives have been undertaken since the company’s inception in 1991.


Many volunteers worked to help keep an information Centre open over the early years and more recently with the help of Council funding, the Company hires two full-time staff to run a professional Information Centre and also to print a weekly community newsletter, The Tuapeka Times.  In 2018 the TLCC was successful in sourcing funding to be able to hire a Community, Events & Tourism Coordinator in a contract position.

Recent projects have included relocating and reconstructing a stamping battery to the base of Gabriels Gully, tree planting at the entrance to town and ongoing floral beautification, production of plaques and painted bollards depicting prominent early settlers to assist with communicating the history of the town, production of a 36 page tourism brochure, Christmas decorations on the main street and development of this modern website to effectively promote the town to an international audience.